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Republic Defenders

Where space bums, dirt huggers, slackers and roleplayers, of Star Wars Galaxies' FarStar server, unite.

republic, defenders, star, wars, #galaxies, rep-d, farstar, guild, allies, alliance, imperial, bounty, hunters, roleplayers, slackers

United Galaxies Alliance Official Forum

This is the official forum of the UGA Alliance.

united, #galaxies, alliance, official, forum, this

Free forum : The Galactic Republic

we rule that is all

united, federation, #galaxies, rule, that

Blades of War

We are the Blades of War. We are a group of warriors who fight to the death. An unending tide of battle that will flood the 3 galaxies with death to all that stand in our way.

blades, imperion, galaxy, warrior, group, warriors, fight, death, unending, tide, battle, that, will, flood, #galaxies, with, stand

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